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This semester will provide you with the tools and resources needed to conduct your study, analyze your data, reflect on your results, and addressexternal image arrow-10x10.png implications. Hereexternal image arrow-10x10.png on the "actionresearchprojects" web site you will share your instrumentation, threats to internal and external validity, statistical analysis, results of your data in excel, spss, and/or other free statistical online software, state implications and share concerns.

On the Draft "Midterm Action Research Projects" page, you can view exemplary AR projects in process.
Practice Problem 1 , Practice Problem 1a and Practice Problem 1b will help you in the preparation of your own data analysis. Wiki Assignment #1 will prepare you for you analysis on "Threats to Internal & External Validity." Practice Problem 2 will prepare you for Wiki Assignment #2. Assignment #2 will help you create spreadsheets and graphs, and practice in choosing appropriate statistics when analyzing data in "M & M Analysis." Wiki Assignment #3 will help you choose logical variables for your "Correlation" and help you analyze results in terms of the Pearson Product Moment Correlational Coefficient (rxy), scatterplot, line of best fit and strength of the effect (Cohen's "d"). In preparation for Wiki Assignment #3, please complete the following Practice Problem Correlation. Please post your
Research Design and Analyses here.

The following in classexternal image arrow-10x10.png assignment will show you how measures of variability are needed when using descriptive statistics as thier analysis might be misleading. Please go to the "Mean and Standard Deviation" page.

Please submitexternal image arrow-10x10.png your abstract to date on our "Abstract" page created by our Action Researchers (smile)!

Studentsexternal image arrow-10x10.pngare also encouraged to share excellent web sites located on the page entitled "Useful Web Sites for Action Researchers."

Please submit your Final PowerPoint presentation on the Action Research Projects site. Make sure you entitle the document with key words from you Action Research Project.

Please post your "voluntary" festive celebration contribution for our Poster Session here!
Don't forget to upload Wiki Assignment #4: Final Reflection by midnight Class #15.

Reminder: The Permission to Publish form must be signed and submitted to me and/or placed in your Action Research Project.

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