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Spring 2008

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Sophia Yarosh
Solving Word Problems through Illustration

Kevin Rice
The Effect of Time of Day on Student Learning

Kindergarten's Youngest Children

teaching method and bilingual students

The Importance of Teaching Children To Be
Aware of and Respect Diversified Cultures

Zlata Voller
Multicultural Education

su jung heidi mun
Sleep Behavior and its Correlation to Academic Achievement

Vanessa DeVito
Parent Involvement and Literacy Achievement

Maria Hatziminadakis
Early Reading Matters: A Study of Effective Reading Strategies for Every Learner

Evelyn Medina
English Language Learners: Writing Development

Klarisa K & Lori G
The Workshop Model: Optimizing the Mini-Lesson Spring 2009

Kirsten Porcelli
Why Music and Theater: Integrating music and theater into the classroom to increase attention span

Jennie Kwok
After-school Programs and Their Effects on Academic Achievement

Tina Tsantakis
Student Awareness on Global Warming

Jennifer Timpone-Goldstein
Collaborative Team Teaching: Does it Effect the way a Child Learns?

Marjorie B.
Positive Reinforcement: Praise Compared to Candy


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Stephanie B.
The Effects of Parental Involvement on the Literacy Achievement of Third-Grade African-American Students

Jessica A.
Home Computer Use and Academic Achievement

Onekqua H.
Music and its impact on student's writing productivity & attitude toward writing.

Deandra T. Henderson
The Impact of Parent Involvement in Literacy in Early Learners

Beramiesha Thompson
The Effects of Cooperative Learning on Students Math Test Scores

Cletra P
The Effects of Recess on Student Behavior in the Fourth Grade

Annie H.
The Effects of Technology Use in Literacy Instruction

Nicole Morris
Career and Technical Education: An Alternative Approach to Educating At-Risk Youth

Danielle Steger
The Effects of Classroom Seating
Arrangements On On-TaskBehavior and Academic Performance

Susana P.
Immersion versus Bilingual Literacy Education. Which is a better solution?

Susan and Sharon
Parent Involvement and Academic Achievement

Susan and Sharon
Thesis: Parent Involvement and Academic Achievement

Jackie Geary
Literacy and Technology

Susan and Sharon

Tanisha Hanley
Parental Collaboration and Breakfast

Prof. O Please read this version as it has many updates. Thank you.
LaShaun E.
Outdoor Experiences on Science Learning

Rozina M.
Science and technology

Ansia J.
Bullying and Chldren

Beramiesha T.
TheEffects of Cooperative Grouping on Math Achievement

Kathia Darius
AAVE and Its implementation in schools

Fall 2010
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Gary Proulx
Characteristics of Highly Engaged Parents in a Low-Income Urban School

Alissa C
The Effects of Parents Reading with their Children on Reading Levels and Reading Achievement in School

Amy Tatasciore
Helping our ELL Students Succeed: Finding the Right Setting

The majority of my appendices are scans and are too large to upload to Wiki.
Ruth Carrion-Arias
The Benefits of Small Group Instruction on ELL Students

Fatimah W.
Reading Improvement Through Homework Help

Michael Koutros
The Lack of Male Teachers and its Effect on Student Performance

Romina Ladner
How to Develop Balanced Biliteracy in Language Minority Students

Stephanie C
Integrating Technology in Literacy

Trisha MC
Helping bridge the Gender Gap in Achievement through Homogeneous Grouping

Jenny M.
Creating a Better Classroom Environment for Students with Learning Disabilities

Lauri S.S.
Favoritism in the Classroom

Alissa C
The Effects of Parents Reading with their Children on Reading Levels and Reading Achievement in School

Nury R
Primary Language Matters: Is there a link Between Primary Language and ELLs' Academic Achievement?

Peta-Gaye Grey
I've Got Style...What's Your Style-Matching Students With Their Learning Style

Jackie H
Behavior Problems: Can Character Education Improve It?

Tiffany Green
Homelessness and the Effects on Student's Behavior and Attitudes in the School Setting

Janice Congreaves
Differentiated Instruction - Does it affect student's understanding and outcomes.

Nicole O
The Effects of Character Education on Reading Achievement

John Heyenga
Tiger Talk-Tonal modification and empathetic communication

Spring 2011
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Ashley M.
Closing the Literacy Gap for ELLs

Andrea K. & Crystal G.
The Effect of True Balanced Literacy Instruction on Literacy Achievement

Adrienne L.
Implementing Literacy Instruction for students with hearing Disabilities

Cassandra C.
Effects of tangible rewards on intrinsic motivation of students

Saima N., & Kay J.
Inquiry-based vs. Direct Instruction for Teaching Science

Khalia B.
Literacy and Technology: The Possibilities of Electronic Books to Affect Literacy Skills

Parental Involvement
and Teacher Communication

Walton Gamory

Nerlyne S., & Wilberta W.
A Combination of Teacher-Centered and Student-Centered Classroom Management Approaches Will Improve Student’s Reading Scores.

Andreali D.
Single Gender classrooms vs. Mixed Gender classrooms: the effects on peer relations and academic success

Chevonne Byas
Effects of Recess on Student

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Ashley M.
Integrating Art & Math

Svetlana K.
Marva R.
Cultural Diversity in New York City Public Schools
revised 05/05/12

Annie La
Students Below Reading Level: 4th grade

Eileen Blair
The Integration of Smartboards in the ESL English Language Instruction

Emily Paul
Anti Bullying

Lauren Duerson
To Act Or Not To Act? Drama In The Classroom

Katherine Vazquez
Mathematically Correct

Maria O'Regan
Class Size and Its Effect on Academic Achievement

Cecilia Gerald
Effects of Self-Monitoring on Disruptive Behavior in General Education Classrooms

Clara Norales
Using Technology to Enhance Literacy

Melinda Moya
Strategies that work with English Language Learners In Science

Kettely DeJesus
Reading Comprehension

Kettely DeJesus
Reading Comprehension

Eric C. Powell
Improving Reading Comprehension Through Vocabulary Prep

Marquita Bailey
Parental Involvement and student success in reading

Ramona Fabian
Effects of Multicultural Education on Literacy Levels

Spring 2013
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Mary Zoulis
Bullying: Effects and Intervention

Lauren P. Burner
Homework Support for Twice-Exceptional Students

Tatyana Sumner
Gender Gap and Gendered Education: Myth or Reality?

Elyssa Lazu
Bully: Health and Intervention

Glen Gochal
Pygmalion Effect in Education

Lorraine V.
incorporating tech. in the esl classroom.

Lillian C.
Co-teaching method and ELL's

Michelle W
The effectiveness of worksheets in developing literacy skills

Andrea S.
Technology Integration: Does it help or hinder student learning?

April B.
Eat Healthy to Stay Fit For Life
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Fall 2013
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Please designate 7202/7202NET
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Leslie Hernandez CBSE 7202
How will designing literacy based on gender preferences improve literacy comprehension for first grade students?

es content?

Nancy Ahmed
Catherine Arias
Reading On a Tablet Will Increase Comprehension Amongst Struggling 2nd Grade Readers

Shiuli Arshad
CBSE 7202
Will group collaboration in the 4th grade classroom help improve students understanding in Social Studies content?

Dionisia Rigby
CBSE 7202
Best practices to keep students engaged in a full-day Kindergarten program

Edited Powerpoint Below...Above posted last week

Kenneth R.
iPads and Writing Tools for First Grade Writers

Millicent H. 7202.NET
Using Music To Support Learning: How Can the Use of Music as a Teaching Tool Enhance and Improve Learning?

Linda S
7202 NET
Cooperative Group Learning and its Effect on Students' Social Skills, Class Cohesion, Preference for Group Work and Preference for Content Area

Omanda H.
7202 NET
Can parental involvement motivate kindergarten students to do their homework?

Lisa C.
Teaching ELL's With Computer Games

Rebecca Kish
CBSE 7202
Can Practicing Self Reflection Help 3rd grade Math Students be More Successful When Participating in Cooperative Groups?

Michelle Brennan CBSE 7202T
Computer Games Help Struggling Mathematic Students

Maria LaCava
ADHD in the Classroom: What are the Best Ways to Impart and Assess Math in the Classroom?

Yves Antenor
Using Technology/Web 2.0 Tools to Improve Writing

Melanie Ma
CBSE 7202
Will the Implementation of a Token Economy Reward System Minimize Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom?

Patrick Attio
The effects of positive reinforcement in a yeshiva classroom

Alana Goldstein
Valerie Passalacqua
Gloren Brown
Effect on Students' Interest Levels and Skills in Addition When They are Exposed To Engaging Real World Mathematical Tasks

Tahseen Muhammad 7202.NET
Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Shiuli Arshad
Collaborate and Social Studies

Joel Scott
Can culturally relevant lessons based on economics and financial literacy increase student interest in social studies

Viktor Bereziouk
Does Wiki increase student engagement and productivity in writing?

Yelena Girdo
Reinforcing math vocabulary increases students' achievement.
here is a link to my PP for my action research, please copy and paste in the browser
Spring 2016
CBSE 7657T
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Edin, N.
Receptive Langauge: Visual, auditory, written commands

Cereine Lewis
Extracurricular Activities and Social Acceptance

Casey Briggs
Anxiety and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Prof O
As of 5/17 only 3 special educators have posted

Cassie Huff
Do visual supports help ESL/ELL students?

TingTing Chen
A Token Economy System for a male First Grade Student in a Public School

Updated on 5/24/2016

Uploaded on 5/24/2016
Getina Coleman
Foreign Language Learning Disability

Sarah Abadi
Orton Gillingham Approach and Its Effect on Students with Dyslexia

Myleka Caesar
Teaching Vocabulary to Students with Autism

Kinda Alfred
Teaching Students with Autism How to Read

Stacey Francis-Ellison
The Effects of Using Cue Cards to Increase The Reading Comprehension Skills of a First Grade Student With Learning Disability

Final Action Research Project - Portfolio
Stacey Francis-Ellison
The Effects of Using Cue Cards to Increase The Reading Comprehension Skills of a First Grade Student With Learning Disability

Final PowerPoint Action Research Presentation
Celina Haile

Final Action Research Project
Celina Haile

Final PowerPoint Action Research Presentation
Yekaterina Ivanova

Final power point

final paper
Amanda Caccappolo

Cristin Carroll
Does Self-regulation help decrease the off task behavior of a student with ADHD

Jeannie Chan
Use of Technology in Classrooms for Increased Vocabulary Skills

Roberto Poveda

Behavior Modification Using Music Intervention

Spring 2017
CBSE 7202T
First Name(s), Last Initial(s)
Title of Action Research Project
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Final ARP Paper
How Assisted Reading Helps Improve Reading Comprehension

Salvatore Zito

Kasandra Gabb
Does Technology help increase student achievement?

Jessica Mandell
Music In The Classroom

Yan Chen
The Influence of Dual Language Program on Social Relationships

Malia Jabeen
The Effects of Physical Activity on third grade math scores

Francesca Portes
Inquiry Based Learning