In cooperative groups. Practice Problem 1 will help you in the preparation of your own data analysis. Please look at each variable, and list the type of data (ie: nominal data), appropriate scale of measurement (please number each of the variables as seen below), an your reasoning.

Section #1): Measures of Central Tendency -Mean, Median, Mode, and/or Range?
1. Mortgage rate:
2. Universities granting doctoral degrees:
3. Degree of satisfaction with BC's Childhood Education Program:
4. Total financial aid package for student loans:
5. Hours of studying statistical terms for Action Research class:
6. Birth order:
7. Favorite musician:
8. Number of siblings:
9. Price of gold shares:
10. Cumulative grade Point Average (GPA):

Number your responses -(parenthesis put reason)
Example: (#) Favorite Color: Nominal Data - Use Mode

Spring 2017 Action Researchers
CBSE 7202
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Practice Problem #1
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CBSE 7202; Spring 2017
Yan. C

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Aksana S.

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Francesca P.

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Kasandra G.

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Lisa D.

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Malia J.


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Latoya D.

Spring 2017
Alexa S.

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Salvatore Z.

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Sydney H.