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Zlata Voller
Reflections on the Meaningfulness of AR for Participants and EducatorsAccording to Holly, et. al (2006), action research implies a “reflective way of teaching” (p. 14). Furthermore, the authors maintain that it is a “form of professional development” (p. 31). Action research enables educators to define issues, inconsistencies, needs, and methods of improvement for our curricula and instructional practices. We must acknowledge and continue to redefine what institutional values and factors aid in upholding the standards and goals that we set.Through action research, the practitioner is actively involved in exploring and changing his/her professional environment by being inquisitive, analytical, and observant of what goes on in the domain of education. Hence, the purpose of action research is to increase one’s awareness as well as to improve one’s practice. Since educational issues keep changing, the practitioners must be keenly aware of the things that take place in the field of education, and apply one’s findings in useful and meaningful ways. In order to apply one’s research effectively, one must share it with peers and community members to increase awareness, to perpetuate transformation, and to solve problems the education world faces. Furthermore, sharing one’s research is part of the collaborative and reflective practice of the researcher, and the kind of community he/she wishes to cultivate.The usefulness of the action research lies in its implementation, and the ideas it contains, which enable the action researcher to transform and reevaluate his/her practice. As a consequence of my own research on the topic of multicultural education, I feel better prepared for the implementation of multicultural instructional strategies, and fostering of a socially just and tolerant environment in the classroom. This process allowed me to be self-reflective, and to acknowledge the ideals of social justice and tolerance. Furthermore, this process, which is an integral component of teacher training, allowed me to become a participant, and not merely a spectator, in crucial ethical values of the American education system. I also hope that the study I conducted has enabled its participant, the teacher, to reflect on her practices and instructional methods in the field of multicultural education.Holly, M. L., Arhar, J., & Kasten, W. C. ( 2005 ). Action research for teachers: Travelingthe yellow brick road. New Jersey: Pearson.
Jeannette Mancuso

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Su jung Heidi Mun
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Annette de la Llana

Dr. O’Connor-Petruso

May 8, 2008


Action Research for Teachers states, “action research involves an ethical commitment to improving society (to make it more just), improving ourselves (that we may become more conscious of our responsibility as members of a democratic society), and ultimately improving our lives together (building community)” (Holly, Ahar, Kasten, 2005, p.31). When I first read this definition last semester, I thought that the idea was a good one, but I found it lofty and idealistic. I did not see its practical use.

As both semesters progressed and especially after attending the AERA conference in March, I began to understand how action research contributes to the educational community, which impacts policy, teachers, and students. My action research project about homogeneous grouping and heterogeneous grouping was the most challenging assignment I had ever had. However, it was the most important one because it applied directly to my experience with my students. Halfway into the project, I reversed my hypothesis from being in favor of heterogeneous grouping to being in favor of homogeneous grouping because of an interview with my former principal and ELA practice exam data from my former students. I recognize the need for further research and I am excited about contributing my own ideas, which was something that I never considered prior to taking this course.

This course transformed the way I read and write papers. From data analysis to citing other literature, I am more meticulous about making my arguments stronger and more valid. Most importantly, this course transformed the way I view the teaching profession: rather than feeling passive because things happen to me as a teacher, I realize that we have the ability to become social leaders and make an tremendous impact on our students.


Arhar, J., Holly, M.L. and Kasten, W.C. (2005). Action Research for Teachers:

Traveling the Yellow Brick Road. New Jersey: Pearson

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Christina Napolitano and Letty Vaca
Reflection 4:The book Action Research for Teachers states that, “action research involves an ethical commitment to improving society (to make it more just), improving ourselves (that we may become more conscious of our responsibility as members of a democratic society), and ultimately improving our lives together (building community)” (Holly, Ahar, Kasten, 2005, p.31). Action research allows us to identify problems and needs of different students. It also gives us different approaches on how to develop a better curriculum and better teaching methods. Action researchers, as educators, realize themselves what they need to do build their classroom into a knowledgeable safe environment with a help of a bit of research.The research taught us how students learn in a variety of ways. Technology is a very essential tool in make our students knowledgeable learners. We learned the importance of it through our research study.ReferenceArhar, J., Holly, M.L. and Kasten, W.C. (2005). Action Research for Teachers:Traveling the Yellow Brick Road. New Jersey: Pearson
Jennifer Timpone

Jennie Kwok

Sharon Vega
Sharon Vega Professor O’ConnorFinal ReflectionThis class has proven to be very challenging for me. I have encountered many technical pieces I have never heard of before . I have mastered some and others will always be a thorn in my side (wiki) . Doing the research for my thesis was also challenging. Putting all the information together was rewarding to see everything gel into the end project. I appreciate all the support I received from Dr. O’Connor and my classmates. I now am able to challenge myself to go beyond what I thought I could not accomplish. I hope to now bring to my students more challenges so they can achieve more than they think they are able to do.
Francene Leonce
As we have reached the end of the road in our action research projects, the value of action research has become quite apparent. We started this course by identifying the role of the teacher being not just to educate but to be the stimulus for change within the educational system. We chose those areas of concern that were of particular interest to us and came to the realization that these issues affect many of our colleagues and the students across the entire educational system.I truly see action research as a vehicle to help affect change within the system. Rather than just sitting and complaining about the various issues, action research allows us the opportunity to propose a solution to these issues and test that proposal. Even if our solution is disproven, the research process provides us with a much clearer view of the problem at hand and gives us greater insight into our students. This allows us as educators to seek to try to eliminate those areas of social injustice that seep into the educational system and into our classrooms.Particularly in our study about the effects of single parenting on the academic achievement of students, we discovered that the effects of single parenting may be lessened and perhaps eradicated through the collaboration of teachers, administrators and parents. There is also a great need for us as educators to be constantly in a mode of self reflection, assessing our own teaching, our classrooms and our roles as teachers. Another major factor that we must consider is that our students come from diverse backgrounds. Beyond the color of their skin, their cultural backgrounds and home situations must be taken into consideration so that we can meet our students at their own levels.Arhar, J., Holly, M.L. and Kasten, W.C. (2005). Action Research for Teachers:Traveling the Yellow Brick Road. New Jersey: Pearson
Christina M.
Final Reflection
Action research has helped all of us as educators and most importantly as learners. When we all began last semester as beginners, we were nervous and overwhelmed. We weren't sure how this road was going to go. However, through all of our hard work and the encouragement, motivation, and support from classmates and Dr. O'Connor-Petruso, we are all now action researchers. Action research is important because it brings up important issues that need to be recognized in today's society. It can bring about important change and awareness to actually make a difference in the world. Action research is important especially in the field of education because it brings up issues that children and their families face and how we can overcome obstacles and succeed. After reaching the end of this course, many of us as educators have learned a lot about the educational field. Through the action research of others, new ideas and concepts have come to mind in how we can help students in our classroom. It was amazing to see how everyone's projects came together and everyone was able to be proud of their hard work. It was a tough and long road, but we all succeeded!
Kelly-Ann T
Kelly-Ann ThompsonEducation 703.22Due: May 26, 2009
THESIS REFLECTION Action research is very important and beneficial for participants and educators. It is imperative because the research gathered facilitates individuals with the necessary information that enables them to learn about various issues that are happening in the world. For example, this semester the effects of SES on African American Achievement were examined to compare and contrast the various reasons why these children had different literacy success rates. Research is very important for participants because when the research is completed, they have more information to understand the many aspects that can affect their well being. When research is completed, educators can assess the variables and identify why certain things occur. As a first time researcher, I learned that the research process can be very long and demanding The researcher has to go through many extremes; giving out consent forms and questionnaires that are possibly not returned by all of the participants. The information collected is very meaningful because it addresses a void that needs to be filled. Research is an ongoing process; it is something that will never cease. There is and will always be a need for answers to various questions in the world; for example; is co- teaching effective, do single parent families have an affect on achievement, and the effects of physical education on achievement, etc. I have learned a lot during this process of being a researcher and listening to the various topics as a partaker in this class. It was an incredible experience, in which I learned how to be a good researcher and the pros and the cons of participating in various studies.

Evelyn M.
Final Reflection

After completing the action research project,I can honestly say ,I felt a sense of accomplishment. At first it seemed so complicated
and overwhelming that I could not foresee the outcome of this research. It was challenging and it was a lot of work,but it did teach us
how to take an issue or a concern and propose a solution and proceed to test out the solution. It didn't seem possible ,but we did it.
It began like a confusing maze at times hitting our heads left and right until we were able to unravel all the hard work we had done
and tied it together until it just fell into place. It was a rough journey, but it was worth it.

In the education profession, research is necessary. It is probably the best way to present an educator's issue or concern and create awareness.It can also bring changes that are necessary to the education field or for the benefit of the student. I'm glad,I had the opportunity to experience being an action researcher.
Tina T.

The action research project is very important and has taught me many things. Researching important topics will give you rewarding outcomes and helps students and educators build more knowledge on topics they are interested in exploring. Action research is necessary in order for students and educators to know what works and what does not.
My action research taught me that students do have awareness on global warming. My students were very interested in my topic and I became more aware of their interests. I learned the process of an action research project and what is entailed in the action research paper. I’ve learned how to collect information, analyze data and formulate results. In the text, Action research for teachers: Travelling the yellow brick road, Holly, et. al (2005) explains that action research implies a “reflective way of teaching” (pg 14).
The action research process was very beneficial. It is important to continuously evaluate yourself and learn as you progress. The action research project can be very challenging but offers rewarding results.

Holly, M. L., Arhar, J., & Kasten, W. C. ( 2005 ). Action research for teachers: Traveling
the yellow brick road. New Jersey: Pearson.

Pamela L.
Reflection #4During the fall 2008 and Spring 2009 semester, I participated in an action research project as a requirement for the Seminar in Applied Theory and Research I. The action research project focus is on single parenting and its impact on academic achievement, primarily of African Americans in urban communities. The action research project was designed around the notion that children or students of single parent families are at risk of not reaching their full potential. As an educator and through conducting the actual research, we found that students within our educational system encounter many challenges in their family lives that they bring with them into the classroom. In making a decision to seek solutions and ways to address this particular area of need, I’ve discovered through a personal experience and through research that there are many issues and needs especially pertaining to education and children. Through this course we were introduced to ways in which to implement and apply the ideals of “social justice, collaboration, critical self-reflection and evaluation, and diversity.” These ideals were discussed in terms of our roles and positions as educators and researchersHolly et. al. (2005) reminds that because we live in a world of relationships, we are influenced by the actions of others and we influence the actions of others through our actions. In other words of Hannah Arendt (1985), we live in a web of relationships which is "a medium where every reaction becomes a chain reaction and every process is the cause of new processes" (p. 190) (p.73). As an action researcher, our roles involved serving and taking action towards making a difference and promoting change. I have become motivated and inspired to serve not only as a graduate student, or in the classroom, but also in my personal life. I believe that serving is the genuine goal of the action researcher. Throughout the action research course, I’ve learned to identify a need of someone or something other than myself and explore and identify new ways to address them. In this case, it is important to identify and recognize a specific problem and develop a plan in reference to how you will address it or provide solutions. As an educator, I am constantly seeking ways to enhance, improve, or change something in the most effective way possible, specifically in the classroom and with in the school itself. My students are first priority. No matter where they come from or who they are, I view my students as individuals who deserve the best. They are constantly entering the classroom with academic and personal needs that may stem from their family background, experiences, or home environment. When I enter the classroom, I immediately feel the weight of each child’s needs. I realize that there is a great demand on me to provide the best services. Therefore, I’m completely aware of the fact that I have the responsibility of initiating the necessary steps in order to see that change will become a reality.In addition, to serving and working to promote changes in our society, our communities, schools, classrooms and graduate courses, we have to be able to work collaboratively with others. I believe that we are all here to make a difference especially in the teaching profession. Therefore, it is necessary to be open to different views, new ideas and suggestions. This is important because one of the most effective ways to learn is from others. Working and planning for this action research project required a great deal of team work and collaboration. This is definitely a task that could not be accomplished alone. In planning and preparing this project, I met with the instructor to get clarity on specific assignments and requirements necessary for completing the project and the course successfully. I selected and worked in partnership with a colleague with decision making and the planning process. Although, I came with my own perception and plan about our topic, I was willing to accept the other views and ideas of my partner and other colleagues as well.Throughout this process, it is important for me to understand and recognize that there are differences. Differences in views, religions, race, values and morals, cultural and ethnic background exist. Living and working in a multicultural society has helped me to adapt to a diverse environment. I am completely aware of the fact that we are not all alike. We will constantly see things differently as individuals and may not always conduct ourselves in a manner that is expected. Therefore, I have learned to accept people for who they are. We all teach students, but our view about our students and the perception of the classroom are different based on our culture, educational experiences, and values. While gathering data and reading several journals and articles, I was exposed to many different views, opinions and conclusions pertaining to my action research topic. These authors and researchers have many different backgrounds and provided a variety of information based on their own perspectives and research. Although, I may or may not agree with these views, I remain open and receptive to the results and conclusions they have provided. This has helped me in incorporating the appropriate information into my thesis project.Reference
Arendt, H. (1958). The human condition. Chicago:University of Chicago Press.
Holly, M. L., Arhar, J., & Kasten, W. C. ( 2005 ). Action research for teachers: Traveling
the yellow brick road. New Jersey: Pearson.
Oksana Vulchyn
This action research project has helped me to accomplish a great deal. Talking about the Fall semester of 2008, it seemed extremely challenging and overwhelming; however, the completion of the literature review, which was considered to be the hardest part of the study, inspired me with confidence and curiosity as for the further steps. Although, the Spring semester of 2009 involved a lot of devotion and hard work as well, I personally enjoyed it and believe that most of us felt the same way for it was the time when we all performed the parts of the “real” action researches. Moreover, I liked the hybrid structure of the course which provided an opportunity for the collaborative work with the classmates and instructor. Also, the way of sharing our projects via Power Point presentations, taught me how to be open to different views, new ideas and suggestions.As the researcher, I learned that the action research is an ongoing, long-lasting, and demanding process, which may bring the awareness and important changes for the benefit of our society, communities, and schools. In terms of the field of education, I think that the action research plays a very important role in it for it emphasizes the issues important for the educators, teachers, students, parents, administration, and others, provides the ways to overcome encumbrances and succeed.All in all, this action research project helped me to become a good researcher and provided me with the knowledge beneficial for my future career.
ReferenceHolly, M. L., Arhar, J., & Kasten, W. C. ( 2005 ). Action research for teachers: Travelingthe yellow brick road. New Jersey: Pearson.
Reflection # 4Action Research is important for participants and educators. The academic curriculum is constantly changing, and in order for us to know what is successful and what is not, action research needs to be done. Certain things might work in theory but when tested in an actual classroom one might see that it does not work the way it is thought to.As we come to the end I truly see action research as a medium to help influence change within the system. Rather than complaining about the various issues, action research allows us the opportunity to propose a solution to these issues and test that proposal. Even if our solution is disproven, the research process provides us with a much clearer view of the problem at hand and gives us greater insight into our students. This allows us as educators to seek to try to eliminate those areas of social injustice that seep into the educational system and into our classrooms.In my research on how socioeconomic status (SES) affects literacy in African Americans I discovered the various factors contributing to SES. Now that I am aware of these issues, we as educators can be part of the solution. Administration and educators can collaborate with parents to develop programs to help African Americans in literacy especially as they begin school.I learned that the action research is an ongoing and you may not find the answers the first time around. I believed every education major should do an action research project. It helps us reflect and assess the careers we are pursuing. Overall the action research project helped me to become a great researcher and educator. I can pursue my doctoral degree with confidence and prior knowledge.
Holly, M. L., Arhar, J., & Kasten, W. C. (2005 ). Action research for teachers: Travelingthe yellow brick road. New Jersey: Pearson.
Marjorie B.

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Spring 2010 Researchers: FINAL REFLECTION
Jessica A.

Deandra Henderson

Ansia J.
Action research is extremely important and useful no matter what field someone is in. New research and new technology is constantly coming out on a daily basis in every field. In order to keep in touch with what is going on or to find out what changes are being made or have been we need to conduct action research. Action research is something that changes continuously. We can learn alot. What makes someone a better learner, what does not work with one child, etc. Conducting your action research shows a researcher what does work, what does not work and what might work. The studies we do show us and others what can actually work to hopefully make us better educators and make our students better learners. Just because we don’t find the answers we are looking for, does not mean that we should give up. We should then try to find out where we went wrong what changes can take place so that our research can be better the next time it is done.From my research topic alone I learned a lot of what does not work. I know now what I should have expanded on and what I should have taken away. Without the action research class, I would have not known what I was missing for positive results. Not only can we take away from our study, but we can also take away a lot from other action researchers’ studies. Doing in type of research also teaches us things we didn nt know about students and vice versa.
Susana P.
The very nature of an action research project is a reflective process, where educators and participants can reflect on the meaningfulness of what is being examined. Educators form ideas and test their theories. Through the participants they can gain the knowledge they seek and evaluate their findings. Participants also benefit from these studies because without action research projects there would be no intervention or development within groups and communities.
Onekqua H
Spring 2010

Annie H.

Stephanie B.

Cletra P.

The term “action research” was first coined by Kurt Lewin in his 1946 paper “Action Research and Minority Problems” where he describes action research as “a spiral of steps, each of which is composed of a circle of planning, action, and fact-finding about the result of the action.”[Kurt Lewin, "Action Research and Minority Problems," Journal of Social Issues 2 (1946): 34-46.] (O’Brien, 1998).While the definition of action research has gone through many phases and many debates, a modern definition of action research that is relevant to education can be defined as an individual, who is a participant of an educational system, identifies a problem within the system and takes measures to systematically problem solve and affect change to improve the learning environment for its students. To affect the desired change, that individual would need to:
·Identify a problem
·Come up with and implement an action plan to address the problem
·Collect and record data to measure the effects of the action plan
·Analyze the data to gain insight on how the action plan addressed the problem
·And finally, reflect on whether the action plan resulted in the desired change, how you would implement these changes in your classroom, and what would be the overall effectAs I reflect on the action research that I completed over the past 8 months I feel proud of the work that I’ve done. The seating arrangement model in my school is one that works in many, but not all instances. It has been somewhat challenging for me as an educator to implement the math lessons from our math program and have my students maintain focus and complete, or attempt to complete, the independent portions of each math lesson.My final results would not be considered statistically significant, however, I feel as though I made a step in the right direction. Small though it may be, there was a shift in achievement between Class A and Class B which I attribute to my action research. I plan to use more fluid seating having the lesson dictate the best possible seating arrangement rather than keeping one seating arrangement 100% of the school day. While the model of seating used in my building is cluster seating, I am confident that I can modify my seating arrangement when needed as long as I can prove to administration that it is in the best interest of our students.
Susan and Sharon

Tanisha Hanley
Reflections on the Meaningfulness of AR for Participants and EducatorsThe Action Research process provides the basis for the process of inquiry. According to Holly and Kasten (2005) teacher and students embark on a journey of discovery that is educationally enlightening and enhances the learning potential of the students.Action research is a way for teachers to find solutions to current classroom challenges. The challenge I chose to examine was the poor morning performance of children who have not eaten since the night before. By collecting data and analyzing the results, teachers can change practices in the classroom or school that need improvement.
In completing my action research I planned a change, implemented the change, collected information and analyzed what happened. I was asked to call upon my prior knowledge and experiences in the classroom and scaffold my own learning. I needed to be concise, thorough and manage my own time in completing this project; the same skills I will need beginning my teaching career. Not only was I to report on prior research but synthesize that knowledge and incorporate it into my own study. There was so much data that I tried to find relationships between and often found no correlations. However, I was tenacious in trying to find actual correlations to uncover something. Much of the statistical analysis required reading math text books and additional materials to educate myself.
The young participants in my study were aware of what the goals of my action research project were. However I did not disclose too much in the beginning so I would not create bias. My cooperating teacher and principal will be receiving a copy of my action research project and would like to use it to provide information for the development of a new school breakfast program. Hopefully my action research project will continue to positively benefit the young participants of my study this fall as it may be the very first year their school will have a breakfast program.
Arhar, J., Holly, M.L. and Kasten, W.C. (2005). Action Research for Teachers:Traveling the Yellow Brick Road. New Jersey: Pearson
Rozina M.

Jackie Geary

LaShaun E.

Nicole Morris
Through Action Research, educators strive to overcome challenges and search for ways to resolve complex effects that oppressive systems can have on teaching and learning. Because concerned educators necessarily pay attention to challenges, they quickly realize that oppressions are interlocking, inherently connected, and are continuously altering each other's effects. Therefore, it is through the Action Research of educators, administrator’s counselors and psychologists on every educational level to share information, develop best-practices for the classroom, reach out to their communities and truly involve themselves in the essence of the improvement to educate a diverse student body.Moreover, those within the education system must consistently and critically self-evaluate. It is through the Action Research process one can improve upon their pedagogy through critique and assessment to make an improvement of an instructional strategy and/ or intervention. Through Action Research, one can promote an enriching learning environment that stays abreast with new didactic trends which can be translated to high academic performance for one’s student, school, and nation.
Beramiesha T.

Kathia Darius

Fall 2010 Action Researchers
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Nury R

Alissa C

Amy T

Jackie H

Fatimah W.
"Action Research" is educational research. The purpose of Action Research is to hopefully affect change. The action researcher becomes a potential problem solver. Education is always evolving. There are always new theories methods and ideas along with advancing technologies. The action researcher is at the frontier. Through informed research and problem solving the action researcher is to at the cutting edge of what is new. Action research is important because it keeps the teacher informed and it improves the education process for the student.
John Heyenga

Janice Congreaves

Gary Proulx
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Spring 2013
Final Reflection
Lauren P. Burner
An evidence-based, reflective teaching practice is necessary given the recent introduction of the Common Core Standards. Subpar schools will continue to fail should critical analysis remain on the sidelines. Applying research directly to a plan of intervention demonstrated not only prior knowledge of educational theory, but shaped actionable instruments to better yield results. Planning for each piece of the project involved rigorous, thoughtful consideration, and after constructive peer and professor feedback, statistical analysis not only made sense but drove the development of teaching toolkits.

Students tangibly and immediately benefited from my work when they were transparently given a voice by sharing their opinions both before and after intervention. Reading professional literature shaped my approach to planning and lesson delivery throughout the year. Parents and administrators were eager to participate, knowing results would help their youngsters with organization and planning. On a professional level, this seminar prepared me for future research, advanced coursework and grant seeking. Most importantly, it prepared me to present to colleagues and master the art of public speaking. Overall, I highly recommend this class be taken by advanced professionals eager to publish their findings following a year of classroom teaching.
April B
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